• AIR: The Journey to Find Perspective25:49
  • Embracing the Past: A Unitic Reunion15:55
  • Hindunity: Eastern Roots in American New Thought23:06
  • Earth: The Consolation of Nature26:08
  • Positive Thinking13:05
  • Are You Spiritual or Religious?25:17
  • Let Go of the Darkness and Bring on the Light19:04
  • Joyous Season16:30
  • For the Love of Giving and the Giving of Love23:56
  • We celebrate the life of Rev. Sara Duncan20:16
  • A Harvest of Gratitude25:09
  • We are the Point of God's Power and Love22:45
  • Knotty Knotty Understanding and Untying the Knots in Relationships23:43
  • We Can See Clearly With Eyes That Believe23:03
  • The Gift of Prayer20:26
  • Claim Your Birthright20:25
  • Prayer is the Tool to Have Clarity of Mind24:53
  • Injections of Joy:The Healing Power of Humor, Laughter and Mirth22:23
  • What Do You See?20:28
  • You are a Point of Power in the mind and heart of God20:49
  • God and Your Indwelling Christ22:22
  • The Challenge and Reward of Fatherhood, Both Human and Divine17:25
  • Mindfulness and Loving, Part 218:28
  • The Great Mystery20:24
  • Is Love Enough?29:32
  • Mindfulness and Healing24:32
  • We Bless Our New Year and Know Abundance In All Things Is Unlimited25:51
  • 2 + 3 = 523:29
  • Five Stones For Victory27:25
  • Miracles Are Caused By Loving17:34
  • Developing Our Spiritual Gifts 21:51
  • Love Creates Life20:51
  • Finding the Secret Place21:18
  • The Secret Place of the Most High24:07
  • Spiritual Understanding15:07
  • The Wonder of Breathing21:27
  • Giving Birth To An Authentic You21:37
  • Have Faith In God's Infinite Supply21:18
  • Living With Integrity29:47
  • Rejoice and Be Glad27:35
  • A Triumphant Entry!15:38
  • What Are the Pieces of Your Puzzle?15:24
  • Changing Your Attitude to Gratitude15:35
  • Our Desires Are Gifts From God23:29
  • Bondage or Liberty, Which?21:19
  • The Practice of Grace22:35
  • I Am Open and Receptive to New Possibilities20:17
  • In the Image of Love19:52
  • We Focus on the Sacred Spiritual Truths16:43
  • Teachings From the Spiritual Community in the Andes25:49
  • Once Upon A New Years24:08
  • This Is The Season of Pure Joy24:42
  • We Honor the Power of Divine Love18:49
  • God's Peace Is Mine23:59
  • Faith Brings Us Peace of Mind and Healing22:21
  • What the World Needs Now29:54
  • I Am Grateful For My Spiritual Path21:38
  • Life Repair 911 For Broken Dreams26:17
  • All Is Well With My Soul23:33
  • Am I Standing in the Receiving Mode for God's Abundance?26:27
  • Hidden Treasures27:12
  • Living In The World With Non-Resistance25:00
  • I Am, We Are, Adventures in Oneness18:31
  • The Sky Is The Limit19:05
  • We Can Be Aware of God's Direction in Our Lives19:14
  • Fiery Illumination23:38
  • The Law of Non-Resistance21:59
  • We Can Be Aware of God's Direction In Our Lives19:14
  • Tree Teachings20:49
  • We All Have The DNA of Genius as God Is Our Creator and Source of All Good23:16
  • Bird Messengers17:59
  • Living a Heart Centered Life25:23
  • The Sailor Cannot See North But Knows the Needle Can26:28
  • Cloud Revelations22:53
  • I am Open to a Presence and Power Beyond and Greater than Myself24:30
  • Celebrate Our Freedom of Choice21:10
  • The Unity Community19:28
  • Happy Father's Day19:04
  • Sun-Lit Wisdom16:04
  • I Use My Power of Faith17:44
  • Sound Spirituality23:25
  • Natural Spirituality23:20
  • The Law of Restoration25:26
  • Living In God's Abundance in Many Different Ways22:22
  • Beloved25:42
  • Happy Earth Day in the Here and Now28:43
  • Pray, Then Move Your Feet28:20
  • Faith Brings Us Peace of Mind and Healing22:21

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