• Let It Be23:07
  • Bringing Our Nation's Shadow To The Light21:40
  • What Do You Treasure?21:05
  • I Now Embrace All The Good In My Life24:07
  • Creating a Culture of Gratitude31:00
  • Opening to God's Abundance23:43
  • The Abundance of God23:37
  • I'm Not Mosian Thru Traffic Anymore22:34
  • The Road Less Traveled23:33
  • It's Done Unto You As You Believe..mp316:53
  • Awakening Spiritual Vision.27:30
  • Compassion is a Choice.mp325:11
  • ABC's of Unity.mp320:32
  • Setting the Table as a Spiritual Meditation.mp320:28
  • Awakening Our Hearts and Minds to Love.mp320:33
  • Love the Land and Live in Abundant Simplicity.mp318:51
  • Living a Life With Purpose20:57
  • Scripture, Religion, Spirituality and Faith, the Gifts and Dangers of Each.mp325:18
  • Into the Mystic20:04
  • Tending the Garden.mp322:45
  • Learning Watchful Awareness.mp317:00
  • Are You Free.mp323:49
  • I Celebrate My Freedom to Choose.mp319:26
  • Follow A Path With Heart26:55
  • How Would You Feel If There Was Nothing to Worry About Ever Again28:43
  • I Am Surrounded By the Substance of God.mp320:15
  • Memories of Memorial Days.mp326:52
  • Spiritual Healing Is A Sacred Gift.mp324:56
  • Love Without Conditions.mp321:57
  • I Can Do That!25:38
  • You Are More Than You Think, Welcome to the World of the Unlimited You.mp324:29
  • The Christ Spirit Is Alive In Us Today.mp322:21
  • The Wisdom of Riding One Donkey at a Time...mp326:12
  • From the Great I AM to the Compassionate WE ARE.mp321:23
  • A Voice For Peace.22:12
  • The Tide Pools of Hope23:47
  • When You Learn to Love Hell, You Will Be In Heaven18:57
  • Unconditional Unity26:12
  • Peace Comes From Serving Something Greater Than Self.mp322:42
  • God IsThe Love In Our Hearts.mp322:48
  • The Love of Empathy21:36
  • The Gifts of God's Love24:23
  • Start the New Year With Blessings & Love.mp321:07
  • Being God's Angel in 201725:56
  • Celebration of Burning Away the Old and Celebrating the New Year.mp322:52
  • Divine Joy 17:44
  • Learning Watchful Awareness.mp317:00
  • Divine Love 25:10
  • DIVINE PEACE 24:02
  • Rejuvenate Your Soul15:08
  • Learning The Way to a Deeper Understanding of Spirituality -Rev. Sara Duncan.mp325:56
  • Living With Radical Acceptance 11.6.1618:09
  • Energize The Ideal.Rev Rainbow Weldon.mp327:06
  • Prosperity Is An Inner State of Mind. Rev Sara Duncan.mp322:28
  • Where There Is Great Love Miracles Are Natural26:49
  • Creating Space For God20:33
  • Live In Agreement With God21:10
  • Bless All Creatures Great And Small21:54
  • When You Learn to Love Hell, You Will Be In Heaven18:57
  • Spiritual Healing Is A Sacred Gift.mp324:56

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Sunday, December 17th, Rev. Sara Duncan

"Through Prayer and Meditation We Follow the Sacred Star"​​

​​​December 17  Rev. Sara Duncan

December 24  Rev. Sara Duncan

​December 31  Rev. Ruth Zwald

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