Unity Worldwide Ministries is a worldwide network of ministries, ministers, licensed teachers and individuals providing practical teachings to help people live healthy, prosperous and meaningful lives. Unity is a positive path for spiritual living. We teach the effective daily application of the principles of Truth taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ.


A world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening.
Advancing the movement of spiritual awakening and transformation through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living.
Spirit-Led–We are centered in God. Spirit leads our thoughts and actions as we co-create a world that works for all.

Generosity-Living in the infinite flow of God’s good, we draw from God’s inexhaustible supply and wisely use our rich resources to serve the world.

Transformation–We are a dynamic movement on the cutting edge of spiritual evolution. We teach universal spiritual principles that change lives.

Diversity–We believe that all people are created with sacred worth. We promote greater understanding among people in a spirit of unity.

Integrity–We act from a place of wholeness and are ethical in all our actions.We keep our word.

With open hearts and minds, we welcome everyone to our spiritual celebration.
There are no strangers here. We honor your chosen spiritual path as we do our own.

About Us


We are a diverse spiritual community where everyone is welcome.  

Every life, a spiritually transformed life.

Embracing a positive path to spiritual living.

Embracing all people & honoring all paths to God, we:

  • Provide a sacred space to raise awareness & consciousness of the One Spirit in all.
  • Teach abundance, and healing. 
  • Bring peace, joy & harmony to our: families, communities, & the world.


  • God is absolute Good, everywhere present; we are one with God.
  • We have the spark of Divinity within us. Our very essence is of God, therefore we are inherently good.
  • We create our experiences by what we choose to think and what we feel and believe.
  • Prayer is creative thinking that connects us to the Divine and brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity, and everything good.
  • Knowing and understanding the Laws of Life, we do and give our best by living the Truth we know. We make a wonderful difference. 


We depend on guest speakers and visiting ministers. However, because of Covid-19 we are not meeting for Sunday services at this time. 

We do meet via ZOOM at 10:00AM on Sundays for fellowship. The ZOOM link is posted weekly on this website under "Services".

We also meet via ZOOM at 7PM on Wednesday evenings for a discussion group centering on an interesting book. The ZOOM link is posted weekly on this website under "Services".

For prayer assistance call Silent Unity 24/7 at 1-816-969-2000.

For more than 125 years, Silent Unity has been praying with and for people throughout the world. Whatever your prayer need, finding peace of mind provides a foundation of strength to face any situation. Your request is a sacred trust and is kept confidential. There is never a charge for this service.


Suzanne Shirey, our Music Director is a classically trained musician and began playing at the age of nine. She has lived in Holland since 1981. Her talent and leadership of our music program is outstanding.


Sam Raimondo, Vice President

John Kasza, Secretary

Jim Robbert, Treasurer

Roger Arbury, Member at Large

Thea Pelon, Member at Large

Unity is a positive, accepting and transcendent, spiritual movement.

We acknowledge truth as it is found in all spiritual practices. We do not claim to have special revelation, but rather admit truth can be found in various teachings.

Although we do say Unity is practical Christianity with tried and proven ways to increase awareness of the Divine in all things,  we do not believe in original sin. We follow the teaching and example of Jesus, the Christ. Chief among His teachings, for us, is that we can do the things he did while on earth. The divine “spark of eternal life, is within each of us. And that the kingdom of heaven is within us. We focus on that which is good, loving and positive. We do not deny error, or evil, but affirm that good is far more powerful and abundant everywhere.

Some of the ways we find peace and spiritual growth are positive prayer and meditation. We accept responsibility for our individual spiritual growth. No one can do it for us. We believe in direct personal contact with the Divine, through prayer and meditation. We see aspects of truth in all of the worlds religions, but none of them have all of it.

We follow Jesus' example that the highest and best use of our lives here is to help and serve others. We focus on self improvement first, so that we can better serve others. Through these practices, we believe that we can make heaven on earth.